Game 15 Preview: Canadiens @ Rangers

"So you don't like poutine? TABARNAK!"

“So you don’t like poutine? TABARNAK!”

Les Habitants travel south for an Original 6 matchup versus the New York Rangers at MSG tonight.

The Rangers are actually on something of a roll of late winning four of their last five and five of their last seven. Tonight they take on the resurgent Canadiens, a team that can fly. The Habs are off to a tremendous start this year and feature a balanced offensive attack led by Tomas Plekanec, Brian Gionta and rookies Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher, though Gallagher is out with a concussion. Much-loved P.K. Subban and power play point machine Andrei Markov lead the blue linea and the goaltending tandem of Carey Price and Petr Budaj is one of the better pairs in the league. And of course, you cannot overlook 10 million dollar man Brandon Prust and his underbite.

"Now who will we do our stupid post-game handshake thing with Pruster?"

“Now who will we do our stupid post-game handshake thing with Pruster?”

Prust’s return will be the big pre-game story on MSG and he will probably fight Brandon Mashinter off the bat, but jeez this isn’t Eddie Giacomin returning to the Graden, or Messier snotting all over his Canucks orca jersey. Prust was a guy who was a gutsy player who stood up for his teammates, he was a good penalty killer and his impact in the Ottawa series last year was huge. But he played 164 games here and scored a full 18 goals more than Henrik Lundqvist. Let’s move on. That means you Michael Del Zotto. Let Pruster go.

And of those playoffs last year, why is Torts messing with Chris Kreider so much?

What is the deal there?
What’s with the coach spouting that “not ready to be a pro” nonsense?

Does the coach of the league’s absolute worst power play not like the kid because he hasn’t gotten to “coach” him through a training camp yet? Does he not remember last April when the kid came out of no where to save Torts’ job? The Rangers were starving for goals in last year’s playoffs and Kredier comes in and pops five. Was he ready to be a pro then?
If the Rangers go out early, Torts is gone.

We’re seeing a star be born right in front of our eyes. This kid is 6’4″ 225 lbs and right now is the fastest player in the league.

So the NYR squeak by the 8th and 7th seeds and Torts stays behind the bench. This year, the power play is still horrendous and Kredier gets put on the Zuccarello Development track while Brad Richard$ and his cap swallowing monster contract continue to produce few goals and many blind drop passes. Well, at least he loves puppies.

Good job coach!

"My way or the highway! Learn to be a pro! Blah, blah blah."

“My way or the highway! Learn to be a pro! Blah, blah blah.”

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