Game 17 Recap: Canadiens 3 Rangers 0

Well, you know its an ugly game, and a terrible stretch for the NYR when the analysts point to a “hard working” first period. Or when the same analysts are reaching for positive signs, saying things like “if Stepan’s flukey dump-in had gone in that could have changed the complexion of the game.”

It is bad. There is something rotten in Denmark and its more than just a lack of scoring, power play, or injuries. Injuries that really only started to pile up in the last couple of games.

The Rangers did play a hard working first period and held the Habs to 3 shots on goal once again.

Then, the wheels came off. Montreal got a goal early in the second period when the Rangers were pressed in their own zone and Matt Gilroy threw a tape to tape pass to Eric Cole. Cole’s unassisted wrister gave the Canadiens a 1-0 lead that may as well have been 10-0 against the Blueshirts pop gun offense.

Alex Galchenyuk made it 2-0 when got a lucky bounce. After walking Buyout Brad Richards, Galchenyuk’s shot bounced off Dan Girardi and over Martin Biron for the goal. These are the type of bounces that teams that go to the net get. Good teams make their own breaks, or at least prepare themselves for lucky breaks. The Rangers don’t work hard enough for those bounces and don’t go to the net nearly enough.

In then waning seconds of the period, Montreal showed their guests what an effective power play looks like. Lars Eller snapped a wrist shot by Biron after some seriously crisp passing. 3-0 Canadiens thanks for visiting Rangers, have a great time on St. Catherine’s tomorrow.

The Rangers had two power play chances and we all know how that goes.

The offense of Coach Tortorella, who by the way was the coach of the offensive-juggernaut ‘Safe is Death’ Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning, managed a paltry 17 shots total for the game. Torts saw fit to bench Marian Gaborik tonight for much of the 3rd period. Gaborik’s center, the 6.7 million dollar man Brad Richards, the man specifically brought to New York to play with the Slovakian sniper was not benched. At least I think he wasn’t, its hard to tell these days.

There was some extra bad news in this match. Ryan McDonagh was rubbed out behind his own net by Max Pacioretty. Pacioretty followed through into the glass with a shoulder to the back of McD’s head. The Pacioretty hit which bled McDonagh received a two minute penalty that clearly should have been more. Though the ref staring directly at the play called nothing while the back ref made the call. Pacioretty’s hit cost McDonagh’s this game and possibly more games. The hit that sent a smiling Pacioretty also drew no retribution from any of the Blueshirts, but after Lucic elbow-pasted Nash in Boston, was any really expected from these Rangers?

The good fortune continued for the Blueshirts when Dan Girardi blocked a P.K. Subban clapper from the point on a 5-3 penalty kill with his ankle or leg. Girardi left the ice looking very much like a man with a broken bone in his lower extremity, but time will tell. Or will it? See- Nash, Richard.

A valid question though, why was G killing off a 5-3 with one minute left in a clearly decided game? I suppose for the fans and press that is “none of our business” as well.

The Rangers blew this one and are now 8-7-2.

In the immortal words of this guy.

Michael Ray Richardson: sage.

Michael Ray Richardson: sage.

The ship be sinking.
How low can it go?
The sky is the limit.

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