Game 28 Preview: Hurricanes @ Rangers

Hey. It's not that bad. At least not yet.

Hey. It’s not that bad.
At least not yet.

Big game.
Must win.
Important two points.
Turn things around.
Blah, blah blah.

The 2013 New York Rangers are a massive disappointment, edging towards colossal failure.

With 21 games remaining, the Ranger season is precipitously close to teetering over the cliff an into oblivion.

The coach, who according to The Record’s Andrew Gross apparently hasn’t lost the room, though just watching this club one would deduce otherwise, appears clueless to solve his team’s woes. The anemic NYR offense is growing ever more anemic despite such recent additions, Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards and Rick Nash. And now there is chatter about dealing Gaborik, possessor of two NHL 40 goal seasons.

There have been sixteen 40 goal seasons in the last three full NHL campaigns. Marian Gaborik has two of them, and it should be noted, both under Tort’s repressive offensive system. Dealing a bona fide NHL 40 goal scorer for depth? Seems legit.

Sarge popped 40!

Sarge popped 40!

Gaborik, flipped to the left wing for the first time in his career by Torts this season is struggling to find his stride. The Slovak sniper’s 8 goals trails only Nash and Ryan Callahan’s 9 for the team lead. Apparently there is no chatter about dealing either of those guys. But Gaborik with one less goal than the aforementioned skaters is now the crux of the Ranger’s problems?

The Post’s Larry Brooks finally got around to writing about what everyone who follows the team and anyone who watches the games can clearly see, Tort’s plays favorites. Gaborik, unlike the invisible Brad Richards, is not and has not been a Tort’s guy. Brooks also astutely pointed out what pretty much everyone on every Ranger fan site or message board has been saying for quite some time in regards to J.T Miller and Chris Kreider. Torts loves Miller, who despite his complete lack of any offensive production, gets freedom to make mistakes, lose coverage, overstay shifts, and learn to be an NHL player.

“Coaches (must understand) there will be some mistakes made” the coach said and Miller has been given the leeway to make those mistakes.

This is not to bash Miller, the kid is going to be a fine NHL player. But its striking when you compare him with Kreider, the rookie who came out of Boston College and saved Tort’s job last year. Kreider played every shift for Tortorella terrified to make a mistake. While Miller was given freedom to grow, Kreider skated with the sword of Damocles hanging over his head every time he hit the ice. He is not allowed to make those mistakes the way Miller is. And why? Coach likes one, dislikes the other.

You make a mistake you're gone!  >:( And you, you just keep doing what you are doing :)

You make a mistake you’re gone! >:(
And you, you just keep doing what you are doing :)

Brooks rightly recalled how Tort’s despised Avery and killed his career. Whatever you believe about Avery and his antics. He stood up for every player in the NYR sweater and gave all he had. Torts hated him and while, he could help the team, the coach made things personal.

Maybe, Sather intervenes and fires Tortorella, maybe not. Who knows? The GM may not be feeling the heat as his tenure like it or not is for life as Jimmy Dolan loves him.

Like every game of late, the Rangers need a win against the Staal brothers and Alexander Semin. Desperately. The season is truly on the brink. The Blueshirts will have to find someway to somehow elevate their game against Carolina. Eric Staal is a beast an the Hurricanes are a solid squad and unlike a certain club that calls Manhattan home, are getting scoring from multiple sources. Hey Jiri Tlusty, hey! Still texting?

Side note – I wonder how many times the fight between Marc Staal and Slappy Semin is brought up in the Canes’ locker room?

How can she slap?!

How can she slap?!

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