Game 8 Recap: Rangers 3 Lightning 2

"Why yes, I am Nasty."

“Why, yes. Yes I am Nasty.”

Guess who made an appearance in St. Pete last night? That’s right your Black and Blueshirts!

The Rangers played a solid 60 minutes to grab the W and a huge two points. More importantly, the NYR avoided taking stupid penalties limiting the Bolts PP chances. The one penalty they did take (a hook by Bickel) showed how potent the TBL PP is. Smartly, the Rangers avoided the gate and kept Tampa at bay. (Thank you. Thank you.)

Also of huge importance, Martin Biron was solid throughout and got a nice assist from the crossbar on a Cory Conacher chance. Earning two points while give Hank a rest was a double bonus for the Blueshirts. Nicely done Monsiuer Biron!

There were several other important happenings in the match last night but most importantly, the Rangers showed up. The effort was solid. The forecheck was tenacious. The D coverage was tight. This was a good win on the road.

Rick Nash scored a power/speed goal that was a thing of beauty and almost exactly like his first goal this season.

“I kind of saw that I had the jump, could get an extra step on (Hedman), and I knew I could use my body and cut in. It was just a matter of waiting on Garon. His leg was stretched and I knew if I could just wait him out a second longer, I could tuck it in the open space.” Said Nash to reporters after the game.

Tuck it in the open space he did. These “power forward” goals are awesome to watch and nearly impossible to defend. Hopefully they will start occurring at a more frequent pace for Mr. Nasty who currently trails former Rangers Artem Anisimov on the NHL goal scoring list 3 goals to 2.

Also, of import was Derek Stepan potting one. Its been about 300 games (actually 22) since #21 got a pop and even longer for Carl Hagelin (36 games.)

Both of those goals were scored because the Rangers crashed the net. All you need to do is watch an NHL game in 2013 to see that the front of the net is where goals are scored. The game has changed. The days of shooters blasting slappers from outside the circles past stick-figure skinny goalies is no more. The majority of NHL goals are scored from the “bloody nose” areas in front of the goaltender. If you want a cookie, you go to the jar.

Stepan got his cookie in the second period flipping a rebound past Mathieu Garon after Taylor Pyatt and Hagelin buzzed the net. Hagelin scored on a pretty tip from a nifty pass from Pyatt. Pretty man, pretty goal.

"Hey Stralsie, guess who has goals this year? THESE GUYS!"

“Hey Stralsie, guess who has goals this year? THESE GUYS!”

The Rangers played their best road game of the year. These are the types of wins that carried them to the top seed in the East last year. Now if they could only get that power play going…

Finally here is a quick glance at yesterdays keys of the game on

- Eliminate stupid penalties (hey coach, hey!) and keep TBL off the PP.
DONE! Nice discipline team. Nice line changes coach!

- Find some kind of power play (hey coach, hey!)
YIKES! 0-2 last night for a tidy 3-30 and 10% on the season.

- Apply some forecheck pressure to the Lightning D (hey forwards, hey!)
DONE! Solid forecheck throughout the game.

- Find some offense (hey, B-Rich, Rick Nasty, Step, Boyle’s ass, Hags, hey!)
DONE! DONE! DONE! Come on Boyle’s ass. Get in the game!

- Rick Nash has one more goal than I do this season. Stepan, Boyle, Hagelin and I are all tied.
That has to change, and fast.
DONE! Come on BB, we’re still tied.

Next Up. The Debs in Newark Tuesday night.

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