Rangerface Sits down with Reade of NYR Memes

Like most kids today Reade is a very busy young man trying to juggle his various responsibilities. Responsibilites that include hosting a radio show, owning several websites and a taking a full slate of classes. High school classes! Nearly 7,000 followers navigate to his wildly popular New York Rangers Memes for breaking Blueshirt news and hilarious Ranger memes or the opportunity to collectively troll some of his favorite targets like the Devils and Martin Brodeur or NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman.

Rangerface caught up with Reade to get his take on the upcoming Ranger season and discuss what makes a solid NYR meme.

Reade puts on his Rangerface!

Reade puts on his Rangerface!

RF: What do you expect from the Rangers this year?

Reade: I expect a ton of good things. I think we’ll see an improved Rangers team and an improved power play. I expect the team getting much more playing time with the puck in the offensive zone, I believe those are two big things to look out for during the season this year. I think Mats Zuccarello will have an amazing season and Derick Brassard to be a big piece to this team this year offensively.

RF: Do you like the move to fire John Tortorella and bring in Alain Vigneault?

Reade: I have mixed feelings about it. AV has had success in past years on the power play. But last year it was one of the worst in the NHL. The power play will improve but it still won’t be one of the elite units in the league. The one thing I worry about with AV is how the defense will be because Torts really got a lot out of his players defensively and I don’t know if AV will have as good a defensive system as Torts.


RF: What do you expect from Brad Richards and why do you think Glen Sather didn’t buy him out?

Reade: I expect Richards to have 20 Goals and 35 assists which puts over 50 points on the season. But, he will still be bought out at the end of the year. His contract is just too much money. (Editor’s Note: Rangerface staunchly disagrees with this opinion and sees Richards topping out at 35-40 pts.)

RF: Who do you think will be the biggest surprise for the NYR and the biggest disappointment?

Reade: I think that Derick Brassard is going to be the guy that we saw play in the playoffs last year and just rack up points all season long. He has too much potential. I think the power play will be no different from last year. Although it will improve, it will not improve enough to be a great power play. This relies on AV though because the roster didn’t change much.

RF: Do you think the new goaltening equipment rules will have any effect on Henrik Lundqvist?

Reade: They call him “King” for a reason. But seriously look for Hank to struggle in net finding his stride the first couple of weeks, and then return to be the “King” Henrik we have come to expect every year. Also look for the King to take home his second career Vezina Trophy this year.

RF: Who do you think will be the key to the Rangers finding success this year?

The key is going to be Alain Vigneault because we know the Rangers are a great team if they have a good system. The 2013 Rangers are not that much different than the 2014 Rangers so it really all relies on him to find the perfect, or good enough system for the Blueshirts to play with.

RF: Do you think AV will find a power play?

Reade: I cannot really answer this cause I haven’t seen much of what he can do with this Rangers team in the preseason. But what I do know is he has had some very good power play success in the past. We will have to see!


RF: Your site has almost 7000 followers, how do you get so many?

Reade: All by being creative and being ourselves. To me it is not so much about the likes, its more about being involved with the Rangers fans and loving what we do.

RF: What makes a good meme?

Reade: A good meme is something that fans love and then share. Some of them we find on Google images and all over Instagram. But it all comes down to doing what we think is funny whether its photoshops or just memes that are creative

RF: What is the most popular meme you have done?

Reade: Probably the one after the Rangers knocked off the Caps in Game 7 of last year’s playoffs.

- New York Rangers Memes

– New York Rangers Memes

RF: You recently made the move across country from New York to California. What is it like being a diehard Rangers fan in Cali?

Reade: It’s nice to not have to go to bed at 1 am for west coast games. I also love taunting San Jose Sharks fans at school, cause they have no Cups lol!

RF: You are a serious autograph collector, how many signatures have you collected and who is your best get so far?

Reade: I have over 1,000 from many different sports. My favorite hockey one is probably a Mark Messier and Eric Lindros dual signed 16×20 picture.

RF: Finally, do you think the Rangers make the playoffs and if so how far do you think they will go?

Reade: Yes, I believe the Rangers will struggle in the beginning, but find their stride with AV’s system late in the season to grab the #3 seed in the Metropolitan Division. I think they’ll beat the Capitals again and then meet up with the Penguins in the second round in what should be a great series. If they can get by Pittsburgh, who knows how far they can go?

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