Rangers Trade Marian Gaborik!

Triple OT Hero Gabby, playing through a torn labrum is moved to Columbus.

Triple OT Hero Gabby, playing through a torn labrum is moved to Columbus.

The Rangers have given away traded Marian Gaborik to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a bag of pucks three players with NHL contracts Derick Brassard and Derek Dorsett (out indefinitely with a broken collarbone) and defenseman John Moore.

The offenseless Rangers have subtracted goal scoring form a lineup that doesn’t score goals.

The move proves two things.

1 – John Tortorella is not going to be fired. Period.

Torts won the power struggle. His attempts to run Gaborik out of town have succeeded. If there was any thought at all that Torts would be fired, that is gone now. Sather dumped Gaborik for support players with Coach’s beloved “jam.” Gabby was not one of Torts’ boys. From the outset, Torts’ didn’t mesh with the Slovakian Sniper. Remember Torts patting himself on the back for “changing” Gabby? It’s clear the type of player Gabby is, a one-way player who isn’t going to bang in the corners, but who can and will score in today’s NHL. 40 goal seasons are rarities in the league and Gabby has two of them with the NYR.

This also does not bode well for some other Ranger wingers, namely Chris Kreider. Kreider, blessed with speed, skill and size may find himself languishing in Hartford with a few occasional call-ups until he is eventually dealt out of town. It’s hard to believe that Sather would allow Torts to “Malhotra” Kreider’s (the crown jewel of NYR prospects) career, but the moves today affirm that Sather clearly has Torts back.

2 – The Rangers are not going anywhere this year.

This is your 2013 New York Rangers “Jam Formation” forward lineup.


Yikes, if teams shut down that top line what else is there? Brad Richards? Is it possible they actually score less now? This could get ugly quickly. There is very little offense to be found in that group of 12 forwards. But hey, at least the Rangers have cleared enough cap space to keep Broadway Brad Richards in Manhattan for the next six years!

Good luck Coach! Go jam your opponents into submission.

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