Write For Us!

RangerFace.com is looking for contributors!

We’re interested in getting quality content on the site as it builds in popularity. On the plus side, RangerFace.com is run by professionals who have had their work published at ESPN, the New York Times, and other online and print journals. If you’re a writer, or can contribute content in any way, please contact us for an opportunity to join the staff.

Some positions we may have open:

* General Writer: Should have strong writing skills and knowledge of the game/team. Should be able to understand and interpret complicated happenings such as “neutral zone trap” and/or the salary cap.

* News Writer: Ready to act the minute news happens. Able to post an article whenever news happens, like an injury, trade, etc. Able to link to a proper source (major news site, not rumormill) and quote relevant parts of the article. Passionate NHL/Ranger fan.

* Statistical Writer: Should be able to understand statistics, and be up to date with the latest in sports technology. Can use excel and create a table to compile stats. Knowledge of historical data.

* Social Media Contributor: Do you watch the games, and are witty? Can you do both at the same time? Will handle tweets. Applicants must come with 5 funny original hashtags.

* Media Contributor: Generates content for the site. Whether it be memes, you tube videos, cartoon, or other media content. Able to create entertaining media for Ranger fans.

* The Coach: You live, breathe, and sleep Xs & Os. You eat them. Drink them. Sweat them. Also you can make a simple graphic or take a screen shot and save it to your computer so that people understand your Xs & Os mind.

If you’d like to contribute in any of the above ways, or think you have your own manner of helping out, let us know.

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